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اثر برایان سلزنیک از انتشارات افق - مترجم: رضی هیرمندی-پرفروش های نیویورک تایمز

Half sketches create a story in pictures too, relevant history. Real last-century French pioneer filmmaker Georges Méliès collected mechanical robot-like automata, and, impoverished, worked at a toy booth in a Paris railway station. Here, orphan Hugo fixes his late fathers automata, and meets Méliès through his god-daughter Isabelle.

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I felt intimidated by the idea of reviewing Hugo Cabret, and wondered if anyone would help me. Luckily, the cast of Terry Gilliams 1989 movie The Adventures of Baron Munchausen were delighted to come to my rescue. Here are some selected comments:


The Right Ordinary Horatio Jackson

I do not approve of this absurd confection, which even the most cursory glance will reveal to be utterly lacking in rationality. A small boy cannot hide in the walls of a station and tend its clocks; a clockwork automaton cannot write a lengthy novel, complete with pictures; and even the author admits that his portrait of a distinguished French film-maker is, I regret to say, entirely the product of his deplorable imagination. People who flout these elementary principles are liable to come to a very sticky end. Now I am afraid I have important business which I must attend to. Thank you and good day.


Baron Munchausen

You say you are impressed by the meticulous craftsmanship, loving execution and unusual plot. I concede that my diverse adventures - trips to the Moon, routing the Turkish army, and other such trifles - have hitherto prevented me from demonstrating my own literary talents. Nonetheless, I wager that I can, within the hour, create a graphic novel which in every way is far superior to this one. If I fail, you may cut off my head. These are my terms: what are yours?


Sally Salt

If I did have a brother, I wish he was like Hugo. And if I had a sister, I wish she was like Isabelle. And I think Uncle Georges is a bit like the Baron.

Paris looks very pretty. Next time we go there, I wont just stay in the theater all the time.


The Goddess Venus

Mr. Selznick, what a handsome mustache. Shall we... dance?

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Words cannot describe how much I loved this book! “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” is one of the first chapter books to win a Caldecott Medal and is cleverly written and illustrated by Brian Selznick and it is about how an orphaned boy named Hugo finds out the secrets contained in his most prized possession…a mechanical man from his dead father. “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” is clearly one of the most exciting and amazing books ever created for children!

Brian Selznick has created a book that goes beyond what any children’s book has gone before. Brian Selznick has made this story extremely dramatic and exciting at the same time as it details the adventures of an orphaned boy in Paris and how he tries to uncover the mystery of the mechanical man. Brian Selznick makes the characters in this book extremely memorable, especially the main character Hugo Cabret as Hugo is shown as a boy who has a huge ambition and yet he always feels lonely and insecure when he is around other people, since he spent most of his life alone and children will easily sympathize with his situation as any child might feel a bit secluded from other people whenever they lose a loved one. Another memorable character is Isabelle, the toy maker’s daughter who is shown as being a strong heroine and she is always shown yearning for more information about life that she will not let anyone get in her way, including Hugo. Brian Selznick also makes the story extremely creative as the book is set up as two pages are filled with writing while the next few pages are full of illustrations only. Brian Selznick’s illustrations are amazingly beautiful as they are mainly in black and white colors, but the characters look so realistic that they make this book extremely beautiful to look at. The illustrations also help move the story along as there are two pages full of writing while the next four or five pages are full of illustrations that detail what happens in the story and the next few pages are full of writing again while continuing the story. Brian Selznick illustrates the characters’ expressions in such a realistic manner that ranges from shock to happiness that children will easily relate to the characters.

“The Invention of Hugo Cabret” is a truly distinguished children’s book that is ahead of its time and it will always remain to be one of the best books ever created! I would recommend this book to children ages seven and up since the length of this book might bored smaller children.

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Reseña completa aquí: http://sabiouswords.blogspot.com.co/2...
Lo que diga sobre este libro, lo que sea, siento que no le hará justicia. Me ha fascinado su mezcal de narrativa, las ilustraciones, las fotos, TODO.
La historia de Hugo me conmovió y despertó mi curiosidad por el cine. Aún ahora me pregunto por qué la docencia no usa estos libros tan maravillosos para hablar de la historia.
Y no diré más porque atrasaré todos mis vídeos y reseñas para sacar inmediatamente las que estarán dedicadas a este libro. Así me ha gustado.

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I enjoyed this book so much, even more than Wonderstruck which I loved. The illustrations are wonderful and the way the story is told in text and then for several pages in drawing is so unique. This book also has some vintage photography of the era which really helps set the scene.

Hugo is an orphan with a talent for machinery, he lives in a railway station in Paris and tends to the clocks and steals food to get by. He has a secret that he focusses all his energy into trying to complete in his fathers memory. When he meets another orphan their stories come together and end in a very satisfying conclusion.

The characters were wonderful, I want to spend more time with them. I loved the inclusion of the stills from films and the information on these factual elements included in the back pages.

The pictures make you race through what would otherwise seem like a huge book, its an ideal read for children who find a longer book a struggle.

9th September 2018. My daughter is reading this now, we just looked up the Harold Lloyd clock scene which is pictured as a still in this book. It is from the film Safety First 1923, watched the film on YouTube, well worth a look.

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Read this review and more on my blog

In a nutshell: The Invention of Hugo Cabret is a magical and heartwarming read that anyone could enjoy.

I put off reading this book for far too long. Ive yet to see the movie adaptation but Ive had my eye on this book for a while. Finally, I decided to borrow it from my local library and I loved it. Shortly after reading this, I also read Wonderstruck by the same author, which was just as wonderful. Its been a few months since I read both but I can still remember how magical it was and how I fell in love with the story.

The book is a chunky one at over 500 pages and it can seem daunting at first but its actually a very quick read. A wonderful thing about this book is that the story is told through both writing and drawings. The writing style is a simple yet beautiful one, and its easy to fly through the narrative. The majority of the book consists of illustrations that compliment the narrative beautifully. I love how they focus on particular things, by zooming in with each page, and how they take over from the narrative in various places to illustrate descriptions and events. Theres overall a nice tone to the story and the breaks in the text work well. Individually, the book would have been great as a novel or graphic novel but with the two elements combined, its fantastic.

The Invention of Hugo Cabret is a simple yet magical story. Theres all kinds of elements to it - its an adventure/mystery story in a historical setting with a lovely bookish and magical feel to it. Its captivating and easy to read in one sitting. I fell in love with the characters and was enthralled by the story. The Invention of Hugo Cabret was a pleasure to read and I recommend it to everyone.

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