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Thousands of people have had near-death experiences, but scientists have argued that they are impossible. Dr. Eben Alexander was one of those scientists. A highly trained neurosurgeon, Alexander knew that NDEs feel real, but are simply fantasies produced by brains under extreme stress. Then, Dr. Alexander’s own brain was attacked by a rare illness. For seven days he lay in a coma. Alexander’s recovery is a medical miracle. But the real miracle of his story lies elsewhere. While his body lay in coma, Alexander journeyed beyond this world and encountered an angelic being who guided him into the deepest realms of super-physical existence. There he met, and spoke with, the Divine source of the universe itself.

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This book should be called @A Doctors Description of His Illness and How His Body looked to Everyone Else@. Oops, guess that is too long - sort of like the book, too long. I actually was going to give the book one star, but Dr. Alexander went to a lot of effort to tell us about him and his illness and to interview people who told him what his body looked like while he was ill. The little discussion there was of the NDE (or up to the point when I decided to put the book down because life is too short), was rather nightmarish. If he was inspired to become a better person after his serious illness, it was because he got a glimpse of hell. Heck, what he saw is making me try to be a better person. Having read Dr. Kubler-Ross, Dr. Mary C. Neal and Betty J. Eadies books, among other accounts, and knowing people who have had NDEs, Dr. Alexanders book just does not offer @Proof of Heaven@. Dont waste your time - life is too short - and dont waste your money - there are better books out there to spend it on.

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This nonfiction book about a neurosurgeon who suffers from a severe infection of the brain - so severe that it shuts down his neo-cortex and he drops into a deep coma - is one of the best Near Death Experience books Ive ever read.

The author was an agnostic physician with expertise in the brain and consciousness. He started with a strong position that all consciousness is centered in brain function. If the brain stops functioning, you are dead and there is no coming back. He was skeptical of claims of NDEs because he knew how the drugs doctors used to bring patients back affected the brain. But when his brain completely shut down, he experienced a very deep entry into Oneness, and was miraculously brought back to life, not by medical intervention - they had given up and were ready to pull the plug - but by Divine intervention. He struggled to reconcile what he knew as a physician and neurosurgeon with his experiences when his brain was completely @off-line@.

The experiences he had were alternately horrifying and exquisitely transcendent. The account loops around to another miracle: the discovery of who his guide was in the world beyond physical existence. He did not recognize his guide until a series of events brought her identity to him.

I highly recommend this book

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I will acknowledge that I am rating and reviewing this little less than halfway through. Full bias disclosure: I will also readily acknowledge that from the moment I heard about Alexanders account, I desperately wanted to read it—and believe it. The reason is simple: The snippets to which Id been exposed in interviews and reviews so closely mirrored an experience with my late husband less than a week before his actual death and a full two years before this books publication. His eyes were closed and he was unresponsive for mere minutes, but when they opened with a look of awe, wonder and yet, pure love and serenity, I smiled and said, @Where were you?@ and his immediate response was, @Heaven, I hope. It was beautiful. Love is all and all is love.@ And to my joyful tears, @And you are love, so you will always be with me.@ I already believed in an afterlife. I still do. Scientific or spiritual arguments wont change that. I also believe that in my human form I cant possibly know what it will be. But I do admit to seeking validation — and comfort — that what I imagine to be true just may be. And that one day I will be reunited with my love. As other reviewers have said, neither believers nor nonbelievers will be swayed by Alexanders account. Personally, I do find it more compelling that he, as a scientist, was not just skeptical, but absolutely dismissive of an afterlife before his experience. And just as this book is just one mans story, mine is just one womans hope.

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This was a hard book to get through because the author tried to prove through scientific method throughout that his experience was real. Important, but not your typical NDE book. I thought it had some invaluable insights to life and purpose. @How do we get closer to this genuine spiritual self? By manifesting love and compassion. Why? Because love and compassion are far more than the abstractions many of us believe them to be. They are real. They are concrete. And they make up the very fabric of the spiritual realm.@ pg. 85. @One of the biggest mistakes people make when they think about God is to imagine God as impersonal. Yes, God is behind the numbers, the perfection of the universe that science measures and struggles to understand. But...Om is @human@ as well-even MORE human than you and I are. Om understands and sympathizes with our human situation more porfoundly and personally than we can even imagine because Om knows what we have forgotten and undertands the terrible burden it is to live with amnesia of the Divine for even a moment.@ pg. 85-56. @Ultimately, none of us are orphans. We are all in the position I was, in that we have OTHER FAMILY: beings who are watching and looking out for us-beings we have momentarily forgotten, but who, if we open ourselves to their presence, are waiting to help us navigate our time here on earth. None of us are ever unloved. Each and every one of us is deeply known and cared for by a Creator who cherishes us beyond any ability we have to comprehend. That knowledge must no longer remain a secret.@ pgs. 95-96. Well stated and vitally important--if we can just keep that in perspective!

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I wanted to like this book but there were so many signs of improbability to the story I just couldnt do it. By the end of the book I was sure that the author and his editors were selling snake oil.

Alexander tried very hard to distance himself from religion and new age spirituality in the beginning of his book so he could seem more credible once he starts telling his outlandish story. @Believe me. Im a Neurologist. I know the brain better than you.@ @Believe me. I wasnt religious before.@ @Believe me. I was a skeptic of the highest order so if I can be convinced it must be true.@

He claimed not to be religious yet one of the first people to his bedside is the Rector of their church. A close friend obviously as only the closest of friends and family stay by you at the hospital through such a trauma. His wife describes their close friend Sylvia as a psychic. Another close friend of his wife, Susan Reintjes, is, according to the author an intuitive. A description that he calls a @fact@ that never got in the way of his feelings about her. Contrary to what he says in his book he was clearly influenced by religion before his so called NDE and he was receptive or at least tolerant of New Age thinking.

The book is called @Proof of Heaven@ yet there was no evidence or proof provided. It was a story. An accounting of one persons experience. Whos to say these experiences happened while he was in a coma? Why couldnt these experiences have happened once he became conscious and was experiencing his post-coma psychosis? He briefly refers to a @reboot phenomenon@ in his list of possible scientific explanations at the end of the book but dismisses it as @most unlikely@ without any explanation of why it would be unlikely.

The revelation about his birth sister toward the end made his book feel more like a novel with an unexpected twist at the end of the story. I certainly felt manipulated there. Perhaps it was not Dr. Alexander but his editors who insisted on the @plot twist@ but regardless it was a blatant manipulation purely for entertainment value. This writing technique certainly leads me to call into question his intention for the book and weakens his claim that his experience was a valid scientific observation and proof of the afterlife.

If I was skeptical when I finished the book, I was certain when I visited his website (http://www.lifebeyonddeath.net/). Dr. Alexander isnt wasting any opportunity to make more money from his story. You can buy an @All is Well@ bracelet from Etsy for $70 memorializing his first words out of the coma. You can go on an exclusive 5 star retreat in Greece with Dr. Alexander where in addition to @experiential@ and informative presentations some speakers will be offering individual @healing sessions@ no doubt for a hefty additional fee. If thats not enough for you, you can buy Dr. Alexanders four 90 minute Video Meditation Learning Sessions for $59!

He is a slick speaker too... just watch his many interviews. He has a well-rehearsed shtick that seems very contrived.

To be clear Im not weighing in on whether NDEs really happen or whether there is, in fact, an after life. What I am weighing in on is Dr. Alexanders integrity as an author. He is not being completely honest about who he is and what his motivations are. Reader beware.

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