کتاب لانه گریورها (دونده هزارتو)

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پایان بازی نزدیک است
وقتی درِ بالابر باز می شود، تنها چیزی که توماس به یاد می آورد اسم کوچکش است. ولی او تنها نیست. گروهی از پسرهای هم سن و سالش ورود او را به هزارتو خوشامد می گویند. هیچ کس نمی داند چرا به هزارتو آمده یا چه اتفاقی برای جهان بیرون افتاده است. اما ناگهان دختری وارد هزارتو می شود که پیامی به همراه دارد:
یاراهی به بیرون پیدا کنید یا همگی هلاک خواهید شد.

مجموعه ی دونده ی هزارتو داستانی نفس گیر و هوشمندانه است که طرفدارن بسیاری در سراسر جهان دارد و بیش از 3 میلیون نسخه از آن تنها در آمریکا به فروش رفته است. دونده ی هزارتو از سوی مجله ی کرکس ریویو به عنوان بهترین رمان نوجوان سال انتخاب شده و براساس آن سریالی به همین نام به نمایش در آمده است.

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Ive just finished and all I can say is holy shuck! This book is awesome!

I was a little bit scared when I started this book that I wasnt going to like it as it is my first real dystopia/sci-fi book Ive read. After about 110 pages it got to the point where I couldnt put it down for anything even while eating dinner I had it one hand and when bedtime came I wanted to stay up all night and read it.

The plot was fast paced, suspenseful and full of suprises. The twists and turns this book took shocked me unlike any other book Ive read. It also has some creative lingo but I found it easy to understand and I actually think it added to this books charm. The ending was amazing but left me with so many questions that I need answers for RIGHT NOW and I really wish October 12th would hurry up so I can read The Scorch Trials.

All I have to say is read this book (especially you, Morgan :D).

مشاهده لینک اصلی
At first I was a bit put out with this book. I don’t know what it is about male authors, but they can be down right infuriating. Men truly do think on a different wave length and speak another language than women. I was becoming rather frustrated with the lack of information being given, and I wasn’t sure I would be able to endure that sort of aggravation for 300 plus pages. Luckily around page 60 or so, Dashner hit his stride and I became enthralled with this story.

It’s so difficult to write a review that divulges information about the plot without simultaneously giving the plot away. Dashner mastered the art of dolling out need to know information in spades while maintaining an air of mystery that keeps you immersed in the story, craving for more.

The Maze Runner begins with Thomas finding himself memory-less, surrounded by teenage boys of varying ages, in a strange place called the Glade. Thomas immediately begins asking questions, attempting to get his bearings, though answers aren’t forth coming, and the Gladers are none to helpful. Nonetheless, life doesn’t seem too shabby in the Glade. There is a homestead, crops, barns filled with livestock, the sun always shines, and various supplies appear in “the box” each week upon request. There even appears to be order within the Glade, though it is filled with nothing but testosterone fueled teenage boys. There appears to be only a handful of rules, 1. Never threaten your fellow Gladers, 2. Everyone must pull their weight, 3. No one is allowed in the Maze aside from runners, 4. No one is allowed in the Maze after dark. Though the rules are rather self-explanatory, their necessity becomes all to clear once Thomas is allowed to know what lurks behind the stone walls protecting the Glade. While no one knows how they came to arrive in the Glade, why they were sent, or who sent them, they all strive towards a common goal, solving the Maze and leaving the Glade. But once the first ever girl arrives into the Glade, a trigger is pulled, and the stakes for survival are raised.

Despite the fact that I didn’t have an emotional reaction (crying when it was clear that I was meant to), I couldn’t set this book down. I wasn’t scared for any of the characters, my heart didn’t race, but I desperately wanted to solve the freakin mystery. Luckily, there is a conclusion of sorts; however, this is clearly a series as you gain new information that tickles your intrigue before coming to a major halt. Grr. So like all the other suckers, I’m sure I’ll be reading the sequel.

مشاهده لینک اصلی
A premise full of promise, but after 150 pages, how can there still be no answers? Deliberately withholding information becomes frustrating not only for the protagonist, but for the reader as well. The fact that Thomas does not demand more answers from his fellow captives makes it difficult to sympathize with or care what happens to him. The spoilers for the book make it sound intriguing, but I cant wade through another 200 pages before it gets to the point.

Aside from a few physical differences and @[email protected] or @[email protected] actions, the boys tend to blend together as well. Theyre not fully fleshed out or unique in any way, and for a book thats centered around characters in a bleak environment in a desperate situation, this is a most unfortunate weakness.

مشاهده لینک اصلی

Thomas comes to the maze in a box, he has no memories of anything other than his name. He learns that he is the @[email protected] or the newest boy to arrive. They get arrivals once a month.

Theres a ton of questions about how he got there and why there is a maze that has walls that move every night.

Then there are the Grievers. Which for the life of me I could not find scary. A machine-like slug? Pour some salt on that fucker.

The next day a girl arrives.

It throws the boys into an uproar. A GIRL! and never before has a newbie came through the box the day after another one. Then they realize she has a mysterious note.
Its all about to change. I wish it would because I am dang confused. No complete answers are ever given in this book.
So a sum up of the whole book could be this very gif:

Will I move on in the series? Probably not, its not the worst book ever but I hate not having answers so Ill just get pissed off if I continue.

مشاهده لینک اصلی
“How could anyone be evil enough to do this to us?”

Just as awesome the second time round!
Thomas wakes up in the Glade with no memory of who he is or his past. He is surrounded by boys all just like him, no idea why they are there, some have been there as long as 2 years.

They all keep the Glade running, they grow food, raise livestock and perhaps the most important job - the runners. The runners go out everyday exploring the giant maze surrounding the Glade, attempting to find an escape. Every night the doors close, and no one can get into the maze, or back out!

When another Glader arrives, Teresa - the first girl Glader, things go from bad to worse. Eventually they have to decide what to do. It was so exciting to watch everything unfold, with the terrifying grievers that live in the maze! To see all the secrets and answers come out. I also really liked the ‘glader slang’ the characters used, I thought it was imaginative and at times pretty funny!

Onto book 2!

مشاهده لینک اصلی
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